About Us
Meredith Anne Rundell Inc. is a “not for profit” organization that raises monies and services for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer to help them live their life to the fullest.
 The organization does this by providing financial support and services for these women to complete an item from their “Bucket List”.
Meredith's lived her life to the fullest. She created a ‘Bucket List’ and her positive approach to life, and this list, kept her in good stead throughout her journey.
Small things like flying business class, a visit to the reef, a helicopter flight were things she wanted to do and throughout her time we worked towards accomplishing as many of these as we could. I will always remember the pleasure on her face each time we completed something. 
Meet The Founders
  1. Nestor Manualian
    LDA Director, International Instructor, Performer, Competitor, Choreographer . The love of dance brought Meredith and I together and I had been inspired by this wonderful women's love of life. "A friend for life"
  2. Kevin Loccisano
    Meredith and I met doing what we loved, dancing. Meredith was so positive in her life. She didn’t just talk it, she was it. Always looking for a solution and not focusing on the problem. .